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Chopsticks culture
春秋铜箸我国考古发掘的箸已有相当数量春秋中晚期的箸也见于云南大波那木椁铜棺墓墓中出土铜箸二支长28厘米首径0.4厘米首粗足?#31119;?#25972;体为圆柱形形制古朴浑厚弥足珍贵... +more
Chopsticks culture...
筷子起源与种类:筷子古称箸古籍韩非子喻老载昔者纣为象箸而箕子怖纣王为商代末期的君主可见早在公元前11世纪我国已出现象牙精工制造的筷子也就是说我国有史记载... +more
Chopsticks culture...
纣王是最早使用象牙箸的君王我国是筷箸的发源地用箸进餐历史悠久古籍韩非子喻老载昔者纣为象箸而箕子怖司马迁在史记宗微子世家亦云纣为象箸箕子叹曰彼为象箸... +more
Chopsticks culture...
Company Overview:

Fujian Fuzhou West Honest Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is a Foreign-Funded enterprise, engaging in producing the bamboo and wood arts & crafts, also have the export right ourselves. Now we have six manufactory branches possessed of the most advanced equipment, and a group of the special and technological masters to produce and design the update products.
We produce many kinds of bamboo and wooden daily necessity including bamboo and wood steamer, bamboo and wood chopstick such as the natural lacquer chopsticks, Chinese traditional style chopsticks, Japanese style chopsticks; and Japanese sushi boat, sushi mat, sushi table...

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